"What kind of beers are you making?"

Our focus is on American style ales and lagers while incorporating locally harvested ingredients. Occasionally we experiment with other styles such as kölsch or lambic. 

"Where are you located?"

We are located in the beautiful capital city of Juneau, Alaska. Our physical address is: 206 N. Franklin Street. It is just up the street from the Westmark Hotel. We're in the basement of the Klein building, between High Tide Tattoo and Franklin Street Barber.

"what is nitro coffee?

Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee that is infused with nitrogen and poured from a keg, giving it a creamier, thicker taste that draws comparison to an alcohol-free stout beer. 

Our focus is strictly on the brews for now, but you're more than welcome to pick up some grub on the way over to enjoy a beer with us. 


Starting June 23rd we are offering growler fills 7 days a week on a trial basis.


"When are you filling growlers?"