Double The Fun

Unboxing the new fermenters at the Shattuck Way brewhouse entrance.

Unboxing the new fermenters at the Shattuck Way brewhouse entrance.

So nice, we did it twice..

Ever wonder what it’s like to open a brewery? Ever wonder what it’s like to open a brewery twice? That’s where we’re at right now. But despite all of the chaos from the fire in April, we feel like it’s all going to work out.

The fire definitely sped up our timeline as far as graduating to a bigger brew system and purchasing bigger fermenters, but now that it’s all happening so fast we are here for it. We got our new fermenters and some kegs delivered into the new space the other day. It’s exciting to have something happen, even if we’re not quite ready to brew yet.

A question that we keep getting is “so…are you open yet?” and the quick answer is no. The long answer (and maybe you’re not interested in hearing it, but I’m gonna tell you anyway) is that there are so many things that need to be in place before we can start manufacturing beer. A big one is getting our license to transfer to the new space. We’re about 95% there, but even once this hurdle is over we are still waiting on equipment to ship to Alaska. And everyone knows how long it can take for just fruit to get you can imagine the wait time for a new brew system. Also throw in the factor of two full-time jobs and having a 4 and 2-year-old. We were already busy before we had to rebuild BBC, now it’s just a matter of finding that perfect work/life balance once again.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working on getting some paint on the walls and finishing the floors. We think you guys are really going to dig the new taproom and a few new beers we’ve been dreaming up along with the old favorites, of course!

As always, we’re so thankful for your support and we can’t wait to share some beers with you!

Kelly Barnaby